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999 una collezione

di domande sull'abitare contemporaneo

Triennale di Milano

Stefano Mirti (curator)

12th January-2nd April 2018

2018-01-18_cartolina CO-1.jpg

atelier mobile

Luca Barello, Paolo Golinelli, Niccolò Suraci


in collaboration with

Giulia La Delfa, Luca Secci, Cristiano Tosco and

Alberto Geuna (BTT - bananathinktank)

images contribution

Animalform (Quirino Spinelli and Noemi Romano), Laura Barella, Rossana Bossù, Arturo Calvanese, Francesca Chessa, Elisa Chiappo, Bec Evans, Maria Elena Ferraresi, Mariella Grindatto, Silvia Gron, Andrea Luzi, Luca Malvicino, Raffaella Mossetto, MOTOelastico (Simone Carena, Marco Bruno with Cesario Carena), Cristina Pellerino, Andrea Ronzino, Bernd Schmutz+Dominik Fiederling, Students of the Secondary school for adults (CIPIA3) of Chieri/Poirino (teachers Raffaella Mossetto and Mariella Zucca), VIVIAMOLA'q

workshop guests

Franco e Cristina (Genera Cooperativa Sociale Onlus), Alessandro Biamonti (Polimi Facoltà del Design), Pasquale Ruju, Alessandro Guerriero, Studenti del Kadar Design and Technology Center di Shenkar, Francesca Chessa, Associazione Quasi Quadro (Andrea Alauria, Andrea Famà, Valeria Dardano, Danilo Marcuzzo).




atelier mobile

special thanks to

Stefano Mirti, Adele Giacosa, Aurora Rapalino, Fosca Salvi e Petra Tikulin

(999 domande)

am_ospitalità_triennale 16.jpg

Living is also hosting, hosting is also learning how to live. Which elements, objects, sensations make a hospital pace?


atelier mobile's space at the exhibition offers interactive dioramas inviting the visitors to build a place that represents their idea of hospitality using the cardboard figurines and backgrounds collected through a call for proposals and enriched by the new figurines produced during the exhibition in the thematic workshops (Hospitality or Alzheimer's?, Hospitality and storytelling, Hospitality and living: the domestic landscape, Hospitality, colour and sensoriality, Hospitality and the creative process: artist residencies, The construction of hospitality).


The workshops analysed and debated issues such as the concept of living for those who are confronted with and live with a sick person on a daily basis, books and comics as welcoming stories, the ways in which different cultures use food and meeting spaces to offer hospitality, commonalities and differences in the association between colours and senses for each of us, different modes of residence and the ways in which they influence the creative process, objects that tell the story of who lives in places, the role of exchange, care and openness...returning the results with drawings and collages. The images of the dioramas made by the visitors and during the workshops are collected online at #hostam.

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allestimento 1.jpg
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