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En plein air


28 Lo spazio di mezzo, Torino

29th-30th January 2022

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atelier mobile

Fabrizia Muci, Corrado Scudellaro (catalog and exhibition set up), Luca Barello, Francesco Paolo Rolfo, Miriam Quassolo, Cristiano Tosco


Soumar Al Kamand + Rachelle Saliba, Rani Charara, Nabil El Hachem, Ralph El Khoury + Tina El Boustany, Maurizio Fiore, Carina Joseph, Sabine Haidar + Dana Mneimneh, Simona Lombardo, Tamara Nasr, Pietro Pontillo + Marco Ceccopieri, Mark Anthony Tawk

space supported by

Circoscrizione IV Torino


Politecnico di Torino (students projects Fund), Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Consiglio Nazionale degli Architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori, Fondazione per l'architettura Torino, Idrocentro, Iren, Ordine degli Architetti PPC della Provincia di Torino


atelier mobile, Ningbo Hu

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Building objects, donating projects, inviting people to live outdoors.

The exhibition of En Plein Air competition presents a selection of participating projects and the prototypes of the winning objects, not the originals but their first reproduction, whose realisation was for us the verification of their actual consistency, the possibility of replication, adaptability to different situations of use.


Exhibition visitors handled the prototypes with amused curiosity, underlining the value of making, of creating links and connections, of using physical and mental constraints as a stimulus to propose. We share all these concepts, combined to central value for us: the granting by the authors of a licence to reproduce the projects for their widest possible dissemination, a generous donation to the collectivity. Spreading ideas to invite others to do so and to enter a circle of small but significant transformations of our ways of belonging to a community.

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