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En Plein Air

A self-buildable object for outdoor life


becoming 2.jpg

atelier mobile

Luca Barello, Paolo Golinelli, Giulia La Delfa, Fabrizia Muci, Francesco Paolo Rolfo, Corrado Scudellaro, Niccolò Suraci, Cristiano Tosco


BECOMING ONE/Carina Joseph

A seat gathering people by its assemblage


CHIODO/Maurizio Fiore

A playful small table for (not only) beach life


TOBELED/Marco Ceccopieri+Pietro Pontillo

A light taking profit of our devices

honourable mention

DEVOILER/Soumar Al Kamand+Rachelle Saliba

A transformable multifunctional frame

becoming 1.jpg

Open competition to propose an object that can be used for outdoor life in a period divided between social distancing and the desire to return to living in public spaces. The desire to spend moments of our day outdoors invites us to imagine new objects that can support a new period in which open-air spaces become the setting for a variety of work, leisure or meeting activities. The object must be self-buildable, easy to assemble, of limited size and cost, recyclable (or composed by elements that can be reused even individually) and transportable, it must have one or more defined functions, a clear use to respond to concrete needs and the largest possible target of users.

The winning projects show how, through simple actions and inexpensive materials, we can build objects that make our outdoor life richer and more comfortable.

becoming 2.jpg
becoming 2.jpg


chiodo 1.jpg
chiodo 2.jpg


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tobled 2.jpg


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