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Barriera di Milano
Hex M8M6M4

Highlighting of the neglected industrial remains in scalo Vanchiglia former docks area with a structure easy to assemble with hex (Allen) keys

Torino, Spazio Bunker, via Quittengo 41b 2017


13 architecture + 1 design and visual communication students (1 university) 6 countries (China, Egypt, France, Iran, Italy, Syria) 2 phases: choice of the artist and definition of the building system + 8 design+build days Building box: 40 iron tubes 300 cm long, 120 polyamide clamps (4 different types), 10 beams 10x10x200 cm, 100 beams 5x5x200 cm, 20 square meters of planks 2,5 cm thick, all in chestnut wood.



Associazione variante Bunker, Torino


atelier mobile

Luca Barello, Niccolò Suraci, Michael Armosino


LPCA-Laboratorio Permanente sulla Città e l'Abitare: Michele Cerruti But, Alberto Geuna, Marianna Orlotti, Emanuele Protti, Niccolò Suraci, Alexandro Tripodi, Elisa Troiano

invited artist

Carlos Valverde

design+build team

Adriano Aimar, Mahsa Bayan, Burcu Berk,

Davide Broggio, Loius Chapsal, Youssef Mekael,

Meiqi Qian, Yasmine Ravagli, Alessia Sciotto,

Giorgia Spadaro, Zhen Sun, Jialin Wei, Difan Yu,

Zhuolin Xie

academic tutors

Chiara Devoti (Politecnico di Torino-DIST),

Roberto Giordano (Politecnico Di Torino-DAD)


Paolo Cornaglia (Politecnico di Torino-DIST), Jean-Marie Choquette

e Armelle Varcin (Université De Lille)


Gianluca Rondinelli (Fargo Legno)

visiting critics

Massimo Camasso, Fulvio Capurso (Beroot Studio), Maurizio Cilli, Sean Kerr (University of Auckland), Martina Muggiri (Studio Superfluo)


Politecnico di Torino (Fondi per la progettualità studentesca),

Hangar-Regione Piemonte


atelier mobile

special thanks to

Manuela Cristaldi, Francesca Madon e Bruno Mastropietro

(Associazione Variante Bunker)

am6_drawing 1.jpg
am6_building 5.jpg
am6_building 3.jpg
am6_building 4.jpg

The former docks area is a vast urban void, a grey asphalt expanse bordered by wild vegetation, scattered industrial buildings and remains of various dimensions, architectural and constructive value, partially renewed to host craft, culture, recreation and sports activities. The Associazione variante Bunker runs one of the most vibrant among its areas.

The first preliminary session with LPCA was focused on the invitation of an artist holding a work experience on public space and the involvement of the neighbourhood inhabitants. With the chosen artist, Carlos Valverde, it was therefore defined a system of building elements that represented the democratisation of construction processes through its simplicity of assembly with hex (Allen) keys.


A metal scaffolding redefines the spaces under and aside from a concrete canopy, crosses it diagonally connecting it to the open spaces with a rhythm of thin pillars parallel to its structure and cantilevered panels lightened by fluorescent tubes. Two mobile platforms with large steps are an invitation to host meetings, exhibitions and plays.

am6_building 1.jpg
am6_building 2.jpg
am6_building 6.jpg
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