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Windows on landscape and memory

View and info points along the ways to the mountain hamlet

Rittana (CN), Borgata Paraloup 2016


20 architecture students (1 university) 5 countries (Albania, China, Italy, Syria, Turkey) 2 phases: study of the building system and prototyping session + 6 design+build days Building box: chestnut wood beams 6,5x6,5 cm of 3 different lengths on a module of 54 cm, separating cubes to be dry assembled with 8 mm threaded steel bars to be placed over foundations built with piles of local stones.

am5_building system.jpg


Fondazione Nuto Revelli


atelier mobile

Sara Ambrosoli, Luca Barello, Paolo Cavallo,

Beatrice Gamba, Paolo Golinelli, Luca Malvicino, Niccolò Suraci

design+build team

Ali Baris Altan, Michael Armosino, Alice Cerrano, Siyu Chi, Chiara Genta, Ruijun Liu, Murat Öğücü, Francesca Pastorino, Francesco Scialdone, Yi Shan, Flavia Spina, Lorenzo Torre, Mingyang Wang, Peiwei Wu, Zhuolin Xie (building system+workshop), Mary Farwy, Silvia Favaro, Sammy Zarka (workshop), Ornela Mici, Vittorio Scolamiero (building system)

academic tutors

Chiara Devoti (Politecnico di Torino-DIST), 

Roberto Giordano (Politecnico Di Torino-DAD)


Guido Magliano (workshop), Alberto Seita (building system)

visiting critics

Walter Nicolino, Jan-B Zwiejski (Université Laval Québec)

supported by

Città di Cuneo, Comune di Rittana


Politecnico di Torino (Fondi per la progettualità studentesca)


atelier mobile, Murat Öğücü

special thanks to

Beatrice Verri (Fondazione Nuto Revelli), Walter Cesana (Comune Di Rittana), Sara Gorgerino (Rifugio Paraloup), Dario Castellino, Valeria Cottino,

Claudio Germak, Paolo Mellano


Paraloup mountain hamlet is an ancient group of mountain huts 1360 m above the sea level, in a strategic location with a wide view over the Stura Valley and the plane, the place where the partisan troop 'Giustizia e Libertà' gathered at the beginning of the resistance in World War II. Paraloup, meaning defence from the wolves, was renewed in 2013 by the Fondazione Nuto Revelli to host cultural events linked to the history of the area and its inhabitants, following the activity of the troop member to whom is named.

Along the ways leading to the hamlet, a series of stations are rest and landscape viewpoints, giving history information by panels linking to multimedia files, and showing different ways of the constructive use of linear thin elements. Each station is connected to a keyword and a place: mountain climb (alpine hamlets), farmers' world (pasture), freedom (stream) and refuge (wood). The first three are placed along the road going up to Paraloup, the last, in a pine trees wood just above the hamlet, on the path leading to Valloriate.

am5_building_foto Murat Öğücü.jpg
am5_final_wood 2.jpg
am5_final_farmer 1.jpg
am5_final_beach 1.jpg
am5_final_beach 3_foto alberto seita.JPG
am5_building5_foto Murat Öğücü.JPG
am5_final_farmer 2.jpg
am5_final_beach 2.jpg
am5_final_wood 1.jpg
am5_final_farmer3_foto sara gorgerino.jpg
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