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Along the canals

Observation, info and rest pavilion for cyclists, walkers and horse riders oriented towards the main features of the surrounding landscape

Vignolo (CN), Centrale Idroelettrica Fernando Olivero 2015


13 architecture students (2 universities) 3 countries (China, Italy, Syria) 2 phases: building system study session + 6 design+build days Building box: 70 marine plywood junctions composed by 4 plates 24x36 cm, 40 frames 106x102 cm + 20 frames 106x206 cm to be assembled placing side by side chestnut wood planks 2 cm thick, 150 larch wood beams 3x3 cm, 4 meters long, a foundation system on a module 120x120 cm with 24 treated in autoclave wood poles 8x8 cm placed in concrete plinths.

am4_detail_foto lu yu.jpg


Parco fluviale Gesso e Stura


atelier mobile

Sara Ambrosoli, Luca Barello, Paolo Cavallo,

Paolo Golinelli, Luca Malvicino

design+build team

Mary Farwy, Maria Elena Ferraresi, Beatrice Gamba, Danilo Marcuzzo, Alessia Sciotto, Yichen Song,

Niccolò Suraci, Lu Yu, Sammy Zarka

(sistema costruttivo+workshop); Lorenzo Bottiglieri, Laura Cane, Fabrizio Fraraccio (workshop); Giulia Cerrato (sistema costruttivo)

academic tutor

Chiara Devoti (Politecnico di Torino-DIST)


Daniele Ambrosoli, Mattia Carrera, Alberto Seita


Andrea Fulcheri (Consorzio irriguo Fernando Olivero)

visiting critics

Mauro Sudano, Jan-B Zwiejski (Université Laval Québec)

supported by

Città di Cuneo, Comune di Vignolo


Politecnico di Torino (Fondi per la progettualità studentesca),

Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo


atelier mobile, Danilo Marcuzzo, Alberto Seita

special thanks to

Marco Viada e Luca Gautero (Parco Fluviale Gesso e Stura), Francesca Chessa, Katia Luchetta, Paolo Mellano

am4_bike survey.jpg
am4_common board.jpg

The landscape in the vast Stura stream bed is shaped by water and historical irrigation canals which flow northwards downstream: on different levels they are bordered by chestnut, maple and ash woods, poplar rows, wide meadows overlooking the stream, industrial archaeology buildings, structuring a pleasant path for hikers, bikers and horse riders.


Aside from the hydroelectric plant 'Centrale idroelettrica Fernando Olivero' on the edge of vast meadows, the pavilion lays in the landscape playing with light and shadow. The articulated composition and the rail modulation create a variety of shady places, the empty frames offer three viewpoints towards the Alps, the canal and the plant, while the outer seat area is open to the sun and the landscape.

am4_final7_foto alberto seita.JPG
am4_final 1.JPG
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