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Tetto Lupo birdwatching

Birdwatching screen in the river park along a pedestrian and cycle path on the shore of the Tetto Lupo lakes

Cuneo, Frazione Madonna delle Grazie, Laghi di Tetto Lupo 2014


6 architecture students (1 university)+1 high school student 2 countries (China, Italy) 6 design+build days Building box: 2 cubic meters of spruce wood (beams 6x8 cm, 400 cm long, planks 12-20 cm large and 2.5 cm thick, 400 cm long), 30 square meters of bamboo canes rolls 2x3 meters and iron fittings.

am3_final 6.jpg


Parco fluviale Gesso e Stura


atelier mobile

Sara Ambrosoli, Luca Barello, Paolo Cavallo,

Paolo Golinelli, Luca Malvicino

design+build team

Simone Casa, Sara Giaveno, Paolo Lisa, Lingyuan Meng, Lorenzo Penna, Giulia Simone +

Daniele Ambrosoli (junior)


Mattia Carrera

birdwatching consultants 

Mauro Fissore, Beppe Ghiglione, Andrea Mana e Riccardo Manassero (Oasi Naturalistica 'La Madonnina', Sant'Albano Stura)

visiting critics

Gianni Busso, Paolo Mellano (Politecnico di Torino), Davide Rolfo,

Mauro Sudano, Rachele Vicario

supported by

Città Di Cuneo, Pro Natura Cuneo


Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Di Cuneo, Baladin Cafè Cuneo


atelier mobile, Simone Casa

special thanks to

Marco Viada e Sara Comba (Parco Fluviale Gesso e Stura), Kyle Anderson, Claudio Bonicco, Francesca Chessa, Francesca Di Paolo, Anna Ghiberti,

Anna Giraudo, Sisto Giriodi, Benjamin Johnson, Andrea Lo Papa, Ostello Cuneo, Fabio Panicco, Cesare Tavella, Giuliana Zeppegno

am3_visiting critics.JPG
am3_common board.JPG

Tetto Lupo lakes in the river park Gesso e Stura just north of the confluence of the two streams, laying among fields and rows of poplars, are a destination for many species of birds along a busy pedestrian and cycle path.


The birdwatching screen is a linear architecture following the path and the edge of the main lake, lined by the timber stripes and by its openings, with a compact edge towards the bridge and Cuneo and the opposite one fading into woods and fields.

Openings at different heights allow standing or sitting observation of different views of the lake and the woods, the lower ones are dedicated to children and the most curious visitors. The seat is also a rest point for cyclists and walkers, information boards illustrate the activity of birdwatching and the wildlife hosted by the lakes

am3_final 1.JPG
am3_final 3.JPG
am3_final 2.jpg
am3_final 4.JPG
am3_final 5.JPG
am3_final 8.jpg
am3_final 7.jpg
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