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Ad fines

Info Point on the archaeological finds of the Statio ad fines Cotii checkpoint of the Roman empire along the historical road to France

Avigliana (TO), Borgata Malano, Frazione Drubiaglio, SR 24   2012


7 architecture students (3 universities) +1 architect 3 countries (Canada, Cyprus, Italy) 7 design+build days Building box: 3 cubic meters of spruce wood (beams 12x15 cm, 400 cm long, beams 12x12 cm and 4x5 cm, planks 20 cm large and 2.5 cm thick, all 200 cm long) and iron fittings.



Città di Avigliana, Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici del Piemonte

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Sara Ambrosoli, Luca Barello, Paolo Cavallo,

Paolo Golinelli, Luca Malvicino


design+build team

Cynthia Aleman, Alessia Castelluzzo, Elli Fountoukidou, Maurizio Giardina, Massimiliano Margutti,

Gabrielle Ranger, Paolo Umana, Filippo Zuliani



Renato Cantore


Associazione Famija 'd Drubiaij, Avigliana

visiting critics

Luca Gibello, Rachele Vicario


Finder s.p.a.


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special thanks to

Andrea Archinà, Federico Barello, Michele Bonino, Luca Brunatti,

Paolo Calligaris, Lorenza Giordanino, Giuseppe Margaira, Paolo Mellano,

Fabio Panicco, Ufficio Cultura del Comune di Avigliana


A small area along the regional road 24 in the Malano hamlet of Drubiaglio village, an agricultural settlement north of the Dora river and of the city of Avigliana on the main historic route linking the Po valley to France. A wedge between fields, farms and modern houses, open to the view of the mountains that surround the Susa valley, in the Statio ad fines Cotii area, the checkpoint of the Roman empire at the border between the Transpadana region and the Cozie Alps province in the early centuries AD.

Ad fines is an info point on the archaeological sites in the area and a landmark to engage travellers at various speeds on the road, the bike lane and the pavement. The system consists of a wall hosting the pierced sign and a platform hosting the supports of info panels, both following the orientation of the ancient Roman buildings that lay two meters deep under the info point. Wall and platform overlap as archaeological layers displaying panels dedicated to the archaeological finds in Avigliana and to the ancient history of the area.

am1_final_foto sisto giriodi.JPG
am1_final3_foto sisto giriodi.JPG
am1_final2_foto sisto giriodi.JPG
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