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A place to exchange


Venice Design Biennal


2.73 House prototype for a resilient resident

Sant'Alvise, Sestiere Cannaregio

3193/E, Venezia

Alvise Giacomazzi e Crunchlab (curatori)

1st-3rd June 2018


atelier mobile

Luca Barello, Paolo Golinelli, Giulia La Delfa,

Niccolò Suraci



atelier mobile

atelier mobile_teatrini ospitalità.png

In Venice, the theme of hospitality and interaction between guests has been declined through the moment when our residence welcomes and is transformed into a place of exchange of thoughts, ideas, objects, words and drawings. We, therefore, chose to involve the visitors, reasoning with them on the value of shared domestic space, declining on the relations between permanent and temporary living on the islands of Venice. The proposal was an experiment to bring out the relationship between objects, personalisation and domestic space, developed around two giants of the housing and furnishing sectors - IKEA and Airbnb. The materialisation of these relationships is an IKEA shelf, a simple and inexpensive object, placed in the middle of the room as a vehicle of exchange, material support around which to engage external users in discussions, workshops and experiments. What are we willing to share with our guests? What practices do we carry out before welcoming a guest into our home? Is there something we need to hide? Is there something we want to show? The objects we own are part of our biography: not only the photographs but the knick-knacks, the choice of colours in the room, the presence of carpets or the absence of curtains on the windows, are signs that describe us directly to any good observer. These questions, along with many others, were posed in the form of informal interviews to gather information about the guests' habits of hosting or being hosted.


The aim was to reflect on the idea that a single symbolic object can solve the question of hosting space and to try to imagine how this can be contaminated and enriched by the guests' actions.

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