Site-Specific Learning II

Assessing Teamwork


Castello del Valentino,Sala Giunta DIST, Southwest Tower, 1st floor

Torino 8 june 2017


A survey on self-build architecture in the UK, followed by an open discussion on assessing teamwork. How can we evaluate ourselves to get the best result from a collaborative thinking and teamwork?


With Sebastian Macmillan (University of Cambridge), Nicolas Detry (ENSA Clermont Ferrand), Chiara Devoti and Roberto Giordano (Politecnico di Torino), atelier mobile.




Site-Specific Learning I

Strategies, Methods and Tools in Architectural Practice


Castello del Valentino, Torino 24 march 2017


The aim to create a place to live better, work reconsidering fragments, build bridges not borders, learn to observe, measure and explore solutions, work in team, be closer to builders, look to traditional architecture, listen to the local communities, think to food as the next design issue...


That's a very quick selection of ideas and suggestions which came out during the seminar.


An enriching survey through theoretical and practical explorations, wide in time, space and disciplines: from Vitrivius to Piranesi, Kurt Schwitters to Robert Smithson, Rosa Parks to Primo Levi, the Alabama Black Belt to the Alpine valleys of Piedmont...


Be curious, ethical and aware, look around and take action!


From Andrew Freear and Elena Barthel (Rural Studio, Auburn University), Nicolas Detry (ENSA Clermont Ferrand), Sebastian Macmillan (University of Cambridge), Sergio Pace, Chiara Devoti and Roberto Giordano (Politecnico di Torino), atelier mobile.


The conference and the exhibition of atelier mobile educational design+building workshops were supported by Politecnico di Torino fondi per la progettualità studentesca.


Exhibition design by Michael Armosino, Alice Cerrano, Ornela Mici, Lorenzo Torre.





atelier mobile  scuola nomade di architettura che cambia sede ogni estate: arriva, progetta, costruisce e parte verso un altro luogo, dove si svolgerà il progetto l'anno successivo.


atelier mobile a travelling architecture school which changes place every summer: it arrives, designs and builds, to move onto another site the following year.