Lectio Pluralis

Design and Learn Social Innovation


Cittadellarte, Fondazione Pistoletto

Biella 23 june 2017


atelier mobile was invited to the stuy debate on social innovation in the education session together with Big Picture Learning, Tantintenti, Lorenzo Pacini and EBI, chaired by Laura Milani (IAAD Torino).


The following sessions were dedicated to project and inclusion, with the participation of experts, groups and associations working on these topics.


The debate was focused on the ways of teaching and learning, on the real social impact of actions, on how to create inclusive processes, reviewing a wide variety of experiences, proposing different approaches, opening questions.


A warmful thank to the organizers, a special one to Michele Cerruti But for the graphic synthesis of the speeches including ours.


A summary of atelier mobile speech is here.





atelier mobile  scuola nomade di architettura che cambia sede ogni estate: arriva, progetta, costruisce e parte verso un altro luogo, dove si svolgerà il progetto l'anno successivo.


atelier mobile a travelling architecture school which changes place every summer: it arrives, designs and builds, to move onto another site the following year.