design_july-september 2020

build_to be scheduled


updated works on-line presentation_22 january 2021, 6:00 pm CET


design+build workshop on facilities linked to soft mobility spaces in the park of the Stupinigi Royal Hunting Lodge, Candiolo, Piedmont, Italy


1_remote design session (july-september 2020)

2_building session (to be scheduled)


Study of a soft mobility route (pedestrian+cycle) in the Stupinigi Park (Municipality of Candiolo) to connect the Castle of Parpaglia to the IRCCS (Piedmont Foundation for Oncology).

The participants studied the history of the place, the existing routes, the features of the architectural and natural elements, the needs of local and foreign visitors to define a network of paths and a system of pavilions to be placed in selected points to provide rest, info and to enhance the existing natural and cultural landscapes.

A module, as the basic unit composing the pavilions was studied starting from a "building box" containing bamboo cans (a local material cultivated not far from the site), chestnut beams and planks, polycarbonate panels.


Design phase 1 will be followed by a design development to prepare the Building phase 2 in which prototypes will be assembled and presented to the local community.


The workshop was held with the support of Comune di Candiolo, Ente Parchi Reali, Regione Piemonte and IRCCS Candiolo (Centre for the treatment of oncological conditions in Candiolo)


atelier mobile

luca barello, giulia la delfa, fabrizia muci, corrado scudellaro, niccolò suraci, cristiano tosco


politecnico di torino

silvia gron (DAD), alessio primavera


atelier participants

chiara albanese, matteo costantini, almira kumarova, yuan li, ziqi liang, khushboo singh, timotheos vassiliou, yu xia, xiaofei yang, xingting ye, qingwei zhou



chiara devoti_politecnico di torino-DIST

piero fenu_IRCCS candiolo

sandro ferregutti_regione piemonte

fabio finco_federazione piemontese ricerca sul cancro

alberto peyron_madeinbambo torino

dario spada_regione piemonte

jacopo spatola_bikehub caselette


visiting critics

alberto calderoni_università di napoli federico II

fulvio capurso_rootstudio, lisbon

cristina coscia_politecnico di torino-DAD

monica naretto_politecnico di torino-DAD

marco navarra_nowa, università di siracusa

lorenzo netti_politecnico di bari

riccardo rudiero_università di firenze


safety instructors

valentino manni, corrado carbonaro, angela lacirignola_LaSTIn-politecnico di torino


special thanks to

stefano boccardo_mayor of candiolo

luigi chiappero_ente parchi reali

giorgio quaglio_madeinbamboo torino


atelier mobile

is a cultural association aiming to combine education to experimental projects and multidisciplinary events with the involvement of local communities. Since 2011 it runs international design+build workshops, interactive exhibitions, and seminars.


atelier mobile

è un'associazione culturale dedicata a coniugare l'educazione con progetti sperimentali ed eventi multidisciplinari con la partecipazione delle comunità locali. Dal 2011 organizza workshop di progetto+costruzione, mostre interattive e seminari internazionali.