am#5 paraloup

windows on the memory and the landscape

25-30 july 2016


4 observation, rest and info stations along the ways of paraloup:

climb_the view to the alpine hamlets

farmers_the pastures

freedom_the stream

refuge_the woods


designed and built by an international team of students and young graduates, using a "building box" containing a construction system of chestnut timber bars and cubes studied and tested by a group of students of the politecnico di torino.                                                       


atelier mobile_sara ambrosoli, luca barello, paolo cavallo, paolo golinelli, luca malvicino, beatrice gamba, niccolò suraci


atelier participants_ali baris altan, michael armosino, alice cerrano, siyu chi, chiara genta, ruijun liu, murat öğücü, francesca pastorino, francesco scialdone, yi shan, flavia spina, lorenzo torre, mingyang wang, peiwei wu, zhuolin xie (building system+workshop), mary farwy, silvia favaro, sammy zarka (workshop), ornela mici, vittorio scolamiero (building system)


falegnami/carpenters_giudo magliano (workshop), alberto seita (building system)


referenti accademici/academic tutors_chiara devoti, roberto giordano


un grazie speciale a/special thanks to

beatrice verri_fondazione nuto revelli

walter cesana_comune di rittana

sara gorgerino_rifugio paraloup

dario castellino, valeria cottino, claudio germak, paolo mellano, walter nicolino, jan-b zwiejski


atelier mobile #5 Paraloup took place in the Stura Valley close to Cuneo, in the mountain hamlet of Paraloup (municipality of Rittana) at 1360 m over the sea level, a place where the partisan brigade "Giustizia e Libertà"  gather during World War II. Paraloup, meaning defense from the wolves,was renewed by the Fondazione Revelli in 2013 to host cultural events linked to the memory of the area and its inhabitants.


in collaborazione con/with

con il contributo di/sponsored by

atelier mobile is a cultural association aiming to combine education to experimental projects and multidisciplinary events with the involvement of local communities.


atelier mobile è un'associazione culturale dedicata a coniugare l'educazione con progetti sperimentali ed eventi multidisciplinari con la partecipazione delle comunità locali.